Michel Reis Japan Quartet

Michel Reis Japan Quartet are winding down for the remainder of the year. They finished off a tour of Japan in mid October and played two dates this past November, including the Luxembourg Jazz Meeting

The Quartet met while studying music in the US and eventually formed in 2015. After only two years of playing as the Michel Reis Japan Quartet they recorded their self titled debut album in 2017 and released the it the following year. Their sound is awash with melodic phrases and rhythmical aesthetics. The quartet also incorporate an a heavy element of free form improvisation

Listen to Michel Reis Japan Quartet here


Past dates below:

06/10/18 Cortez / Mito (JP)

07/10/18 Yokohama Jazz Promenade (JP)

08/10/18 Body And Soul / Tokyo (JP)

09/10/18 Pit Inn / Tokyo (JP)

10/10/18 Dolpy / Yokohama (JP)

11/10/18 Cortez / Mito (JP)

07/11/18 Sunside / Paris (FR)

08/11/18 Jazzclub Unterfahrt / Muenchen (DE)

09/11/18 Kuenstlerwerkstatt / Pfaffenhofen (DE)

10/11/18 Luxembourg Jazz Meeting / Luxembourg (LU)