Baroque in December

Artemandoline, have a couple of shows lined up. The first will take place at the Luxembourg Embassy in Paris on the 16th of December. The Baroque ensemble will then perform a special showcase at the Athénée Theater in Paris on the 17th of December, along with a handful of other artists. The second show in fact, is titled ‘1001 Notes to the Athénée’ and serves as a taster of what’s to come when they play at the 1001 Festival 2019 with Spanish soprano singer Nuria Rial.

Artemandoline, aside from consisting of several talented and competent musicians, took it upon themselves, 17 years ago to revive baroque music. Through vigilant work and study of baroque music and the instruments of that time period, they have managed to achieve the authenticity and musicality that is found in the works of composers such such as Vivaldi, Scarlatti and Weiss to name a few. Artemandoline have worked with publishers, record producers, musicologists and luthiers to accurately capture the nuances of baroque musique.

Click here to travel back in time to the baroque era!

Upcoming dates:

16/12/18 Luxembourg Embassy / Paris (FR)

17/12/18 Athénée Theater / Paris (FR)