Dock In Absolute in Japan again, and again

After an eventful summer in Asia and Europe, the autumn will be busy as well for Dock In Absolute, and Japan ask them again!

The band is back in the East, beginning with a 3 shows-tour in Japan, supported by the Luxembourg Embassy in Tokyo. Starting with the prestigious Tokyo Jazz Festival on September 2nd, the trio will then hit the stage at Kamome, Yokohama, on the 5th, before featuring a special concert with the Japanese saxophonist Kaori Kobayashi on September 6th at Haretara Sora Ni Mame Maite, Tokyo. It’s also the occasion for music:LX to start a new collaboration with Kaori’s Japanese promoter Possion heADS that organizes the concert series ‘TANDEM– WITH’ featuring French and Japanese speaking artists through cultural exchanges in both participants countries.

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