Around the world in 80 minutes!

Earlier this past November, Romain Nosbaum played in Italy for two nights.

Aside from his solo performances, Nosbaum also performs in a piano duo called ItaLux, with Angela Tramatore as the other pianist. The duo performed earlier this November in Italy. ItaLux is based on a ‘4 hands one piano’ concept. The most enticing aspect of this duo is the program they performed. The idea is to take the audience around the world in 80 minutes where both Nosbaum and Trematore played a selection of works from around the world. The duo took the audience through a sonic mosaic of american and european rhythms, harmonies and melodies. Additionally, their performances was broadcasted live through internet radio station Albatro Radio.

Past dates

03/11/18 Capitan In Musica / Toggemaggiore (IT)

04/11/18 / International Music Festival (IT)