Sabine Weyer in Concert

Pianist Sabine Weyer has three concerts lined up for these couple of months. In February she travels to Düsseldorf, Germany for a recital at the Düsseldorf Stilwerk C.Bechstein Centrum, where her repertoire for the evening will consist of pieces by composers such as Bach, Chopin and Schubert. Towards the end of the month, on the 24th Weyer will be performing in Oestgeest, Holland for a recital of Schumann and Chopin. Finally, in March, Sabine returns to Germany for a concert in Schwalmtal  where she will perform Bach, Bach-Busoni, Bach-Siloti and Schubert.

08/02/2019 / Stilwerk C.Bechstein Centrum / Düsseldorf (DE)

24/02/2019 / Muziekkamer / Oestgeest (NL)

10/03/2019 / Schwalmtal Theatersaal / Schwalmtal (DE)