Christoph Sietzen in Concert

(Left) Christoph Sietzen at the Luxembourg Music Awards, receiving his Export Artist Of The Year Award 2018

Christoph Sietzen, Luxembourg-Austrian Percussionist, voted “Export Artist Of The Year 2018” for Classical/Contemporary Music has 4 dates lined up, in February-March. For his February performance, Sietzen will perform a programme ranging from Bach’s Sonate Nr. 3 for Viola da Gamba and harpsichord, to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in blue. As for March, Sietzen will perform in Bachschmiede, Austria on the 12th, programme still to be announced. Following this, Sietzen will perform  a “Bach to Tango” themed program at the Stadtkirche in Liestel, Switzerland and Lindau, Germany.

Listen to and watch Christoph Sietzen perform here!


13/02/2019 / Konzerthaus / Vienna (AT)

12/03/2019 / Bachschmiede / Wals-Siezenheim (AT)

Christoph Sietzen w/ The Wave Quartet / 26/03/2019 / Stadtkirche / Liestal (CH)

Christoph Sietzen w/ The Wave Quartet / 27/03/2019 / Stadttheater / Lindau (DE)