NE:X:T : A new album by David Laborier

One does not have to be a true jazz aficionado to realize that David Laborier’s albums are real musical treasure troves. They are as multi-faceted as jazz music is at its essence. A fixture of the Luxembourg jazz scene for over fifteen years, David has earned a solid reputation as a musician, both in and outside of his home country. Laborier is about to release his 5th album to date in the coming days. The record is distributed by the German label M.I.G, licensed by WPR Records. NE:X:T will be distributed on the 22nd of February on both CD and 12 inch vinyl.

NE:X:T features the medium sized sextet format and showcases a musical melting pot of jazz, pop, rock and experimental elements. It is a homogenous co-existence of musical styles resulting in highly accessible colors and atmospheres, rather than giving the listener the impression of an overdone and intellectual arrangement of notes. The melodies from NE:X:T have a contagious quality to them and will most certainly find an audience beyond that of hardcore jazz lovers.

For the album’s release show, David Laborier will be in Paris performing at the Fondation Biermans Lapôtre on February 18th.

                    18/02/2019 / Fondation Biermans Lapotre / Paris (FR)