Francesco Tristano: New Label Signature and new album 'Piano Circle Songs' on Sony Classical

Francesco Tristano returns to his first passion with a selection of beautiful, newly composed works for solo piano. Piano Circle Songs features award-winning Canadian pianist and songwriter Chilly Gonzales on four of the tracks, of which Gonzales composed Tryst himself for the album. Piano Circle Songs is released the 8th of September on Sony Classical. You can order it here!

The album theme of 'circle' reflects the cyclical nature of the pieces themselves; many of the works follow ABA form or extended variations of this. Tristano also drew inspiration from a chance conversation with Chilly Gonzales and reflections on the behavior of his children.

Tristano will perform the music from the album in concert this autumn in Berlin, Munich, London and Paris. Check all his upcoming concerts here!

Check out the video of the first single: Circle Song