music:LX ChChChChChanges...turn and face the..

Ted Kayumba

music:LX has been going through some changes these past few months and it’s about time we informed you all!

To begin with, we’ve moved our offices to Esch-sur-Alzette, in the south of Luxembourg. You can find our new office at 120, rue de l'Alzette, L-4010, Esch-sur-Alzette.

As of now, we also have a complete shift in our dynamics and personnel as a team. Gérald Lambert has taken over from Giovanni Trono as project manager for our Pop / Rock / Electro section of music:LX. Similarly, we have Pierre Villeret who has taken over from Patrice Hourbette and will be managing all future jazz projects from now on. We have Angèle Maschio handling our administration and Ben Lowe in communications. Last but not least, Giovanni Trono has been named the new director of music:LX.

So that’s it! A new address for our offices, two new project managers, a new administrator and communications personnel and a new director!

"What Else?"