Artemandoline to tour to France in July

In July, the baroque ensemble Artemandoline will perform two important concerts for the French audience. The ensemble will make their way to Bourbonnais, France for their first concert on July 21st, where they will play the opening slot at the Festival de Musique en Bourbonnais, performing an eclectic program featuring works by composers such as Scarlatti, Nicola Matteis and Vivaldi, to name only few. Following this, Artemandoline head westwards to Limoges for a performance with the renowned soprano Nuria Rial at the 1001 Festival on July 29th. Their programme for this performance includes works by Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello, Antonio Maria Bononcini, Francesco Bartolomeo Conti, Haendel and Santiago de Murcia.

The opening performance in Bourbonnais was possible by our Luxembourg Classical Meeting, whereas the concert at the 1001 Festival is the result of a long term cooperation between the festival and music:LX.


21/07/19 / Festival de Musique en Bourbonnais / Bourbonnais (FR)

29/07/19 / 1001 Festival / Limoges (FR)