New Album release for Napoleon Gold!

Electronic producer Napoleon Gold’s new album “Sunset Motel” will be released on October 11th on Cinematic Music Group.

Since his debut into the world of electronic music, this French producer from Luxembourg has now played over one hundred concerts around the world. The mix between electronic sounds, guitars, piano, percussions and subtle improvisations turn each show into a unique experience.

The 13 tracks of “Sunset Motel” weave an enticing retro-futuristic take on pop-RnB where influences of 80s radio artists like Sade, The Blue Nile and the maestro of rockin’ after midnight Marvin Gaye, permeate the record.

Speaking of this motel of the mind, Napoleon credits his life long struggle with insomnia: “During my first years in Brussels for university, my insomnia became more and more frequent. I remember staying awake night after night, making music, watching the sunrise from my music desk. It had this beautiful orange and golden colour. I knew seeing this colour meant I had once again failed to sleep, but it also symbolized a new day, a new beginning. I decided to name that colour ‘Napoleon Gold’”.

For a taste of what’s to come, check out his latest tracks “Love Don’t Cut Me Down” and "Let you go", off the new upcoming album!

Pre-order/Pre-save 'Sunset Motel' out October 11th here!