The Sigurdur Flosason DeLux 4tet in Iceland!

The Sigurdur Flosason DeLux 4tet composed of Michel Reis, Jeff Herr, Marc Demuth and Icelandic saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason was performing three concerts during their stay in Iceland this September.


They started their concerts on September 6th at 10 pm with their highlight gig at the Jazz Festival in Reykjavik.


 The festival hosted performances in a variety of styles, from contemporary jazz and the avant-garde to Latin jazz, gospel and big bands. It featured many acclaimed international Jazz players like Hilmar Jensson or Phronesis Trio as well as Iceland’s leading Jazz musicians.


SEPT 6, 2019

Jazz Festival Reykjavik

Reykjavik, IS


SEPT 7, 2019

Gamla Kaupfelagid

Akranes, IS


SEPT 8, 2019

Jazz Club Ari’s Place

Reykjavik, IS


Follow this link to get a taste of their music!