in conversation with rapper Maz!

Two weeks before the famous Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, which haves seen 5 bands from Luxembourg performing, the Berlin journalist Silvia Silko visited Luxembourg on behalf of the online magazine "".


In her first article, she described the musical culture in Luxembourg and why our country should no longer disappear from the music map.


Find now a second article dedicated to the young talent Maz. Silvia Silko spend some time with both Maz  and his manager to talk about various things. 

This article describes why Maz does not fall into the category of German gangster rappers and why he is a very special musician. Maz wants to attract attention with his music and stand out in the scene. He already made a name for himself as the latest Hip Hop sensation with his "on fire" live performances.


But just read the articles, and get a taste of Luxembourg and its music scene. (Note: this article is in German)


Luxembourg music culture: <<HERE>>

Maz: <<HERE>>