In short: Maz, When 'Airy Met Fairy, Jackie Moontan, Iceleak

Maz, When 'Airy Met Fairy ©Gregory Kulus, Jackie Moontan ©Maxime Leyvastre, Iceleak
Check out the latest video from rapper Maz: “Sleepwalker” and listen to his new single "Nightmare"!
When 'Airy Met Fairy just released a new single premiered on Clash Magazine: Blanket of Sorrow, check it out and read all about the song here: "When 'Airy Met Fairy Channel Christmas Grief In Their Touching New Single 'Blanket of Sorrow'" -  CLASH
Jackie Moontan has released 5 singles since early October! Listen to “Pelvic Trust”, “Speed Dating”, “Red Hands”, “Lucia Lashes” and “Of Youth”, part of his new EP "Zoo Part 2" to be released Friday, December 6th!
Iceleak dropped their new single “Waiting for you” in November!