Sun Glitters to release new full-length "SSoofftt TToouucchh"

Two years after his latest album LO-FI-LO-VE, electronic artist and producer Sun Glitters is back with his full-length SSoofftt TToouucchh, due out May 15th via Future Archive Recordings!

SSofftt TToouucchh expresses my creative process, my mood, and my thoughts, which are always changing but seem to usually come back to my initial idea. Especially as these songs were done several years ago (2015-2016), but only completed now. I decided it was the right time to refresh them and compile them into a proper release. [...] I have always liked the idea of a wine spending years in a cave to develop its taste. SSofftt TToouuch has a nostalgic, soft touch to it, and my listeners will find that it relates back to some of my early material.” - Sun Glitters

Listen to “BBeetttteerr DDaayyss,” “UUnnrreeaall” and “BBaacckk && FFoorrtthh” right here!