COVID-19 - How to help artists? Helpful links, resources & news

With the recent spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe, it has been a very challenging and unprecedented time for the Luxembourgish creative community.

Following numerous event cancellations worldwide resulting in the loss of income, we've compiled an overview of current resources available to artists including a round-up of as many emergency funding sources and additional resources for artists as we could find.

We will continue to add to this listing as more resources become known and available. 

If you are a music fan and want to know more about how you can help artists during this difficult time, check out the links below for creative ways you can provide support. Please note that this list is a work in progress as we continue to add new resources. If you have any suggestions you can email us at [email protected].


How to help artists

  • Become a conscious listener. If you love music, please don’t stream or download it for free. Buy records!
  • Buy their merch (but let the artist know that you can wait until the end of the quarantine)
  • Spread the word! Share your favourite music with other people

  • Keep your postponed concert tickets. For any cancelled events, ask about donating your ticket fee back to the venue/organization.
  • Help your favorite artists financially (fundraiser - check their socials)
  • Support them by watching their live streams  
    • Crazy Quarantine Sessionsseries of filmed and recorded music sessions during the time of complete lockdown. Featured artists are deprived from playing concerts but keep producing and sharing their music on this platform! A ‘Go Fund Me’ was created that goes towards the artists performing (here).

    • LIVE aus der STUFF: a project of live performance during the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Initiated by artist Serge Tonnar, powered by artists’ collective MASKéNADA and funded by the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. Upcoming events here.

  • View Bandcamp’s guide for Supporting Artists During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This Friday, March 20th, 100% of Bandcamp’s share of sales will also go to the artists and labels you choose to support

  • Take an online music lesson from your favorite artist and/or local musician

  • If you have a YouTube channel you must subscribe to each other's channels so that each one can monetize their channel. This requires at least 1,000 people and this means YouTube will pay you a small amount for each visit to your videos. Likewise, those 1,000 people should try to reproduce the videos of the others' channels and encourage others to get involved. Let's call it #YouFollowMeIFollowYou.


Other initiatives

  • INECC (Institut Européen de Chant Choral): every day, a new video is posted on their facebook page including notes and text, so people can play and sing the song from home. Note: mainly songs from the Luxembourgish repertoire!

  • Fondation EME: the artists are more than welcomed to record live videos, upload them on facebook or youtube and send the link to [email protected] so the Fondation can bring the music to the nursing homes.


Resources for artists and creatives for getting support


Government Statements, Public Health & Mental Health