New release date for Pascal Schumacher’s album

© Fredrik Altinell

New release date: June 5th, on the German label Neue Meister

Pascal Schumacher originally scheduled to release his first solo album SOL on April 17th, but unfortunately, due to the covid-19 outbreak, the release has been pushed back to June 5th.

“When you are playing solo, you are really confronted with yourself. Your strong moments but also your weak moments, which are not necessarily your worst moments. There is something very beautiful about your fragility - that's often the starting point for magical outcomes,” he says “it's a really intense thing to play solo.”

Here’s a solution to shorten the wait: you can listen to four of SOL's singles already out "Tearjerker", "Sol", "Air" and "Tubular Bells" right here!

Save the date, Pascal’s fifth and last single “Falling Falling” will be out on May 15th!