When ‘Airy Met Fairy to release sophomore album "Esprit De Corps" May 8th

When ‘Airy Met Fairy will release their new album Esprit De Corps through Motor Entertainment on the 8th of May!

Translated literally from the French expression, Esprit De Corps means “spirit of the body”, it’s a concept of grandiose proportions and one that When ’Airy Met Fairy relay with absolute artistic assurance. Brimming with subtle melody and minimalist instrumentation, their emotive melancholy excavates the foundations of our very being. 

To me this album captivates the essence of who we are as people. No attempt to embellish anything. We left the sounds of me breathing and Mike’s instruments rattling while we switch between intensity and intimacy.” - Thorunn Egilsdottir, lead vocalist.

To get a taste of WAMF’s upcoming album, head to Fame Magazine to watch the video premiere of “Inside Your Lungs Superstar,” out today!