Cleveland to release his debut EP "Gamma" for Kalahari Oyster Cult

Brussels-based producer Andrea Mancini (aka Cleveland) is set to release his debut EP Gamma for Kalahari Oyster Cult on the 13th of May!

A staple element of high-profile labels such as Hivern Discs and ESP Institute, Cleveland has built something of an impressive reputation over the last few years, establishing a distinctly fresh musical grammar that invites the listener to see under the surface of the standstill techno/house dichotomy through more complex but just as effortlessly enjoyable architectonics.

Complete with a choice duo of remixes courtesy of Beta Librae and Piezo, Gamma sits straight in line with the recreated organic lushness and widescreen vista of his previous instalments. Seemingly a straightforward broken-beat affair at first glance, the EP seamlessly slides towards sun-dazed weirdo house terrains with its dripping honey-like melange of dubbed-out synth ripples, distorted machine talk, and foot-shuffling drum work.

Listen to “Gamma (Piezo Remix)” which just premiered on one of the world’s leading electronic publications, Mixmag!