Claire Parsons is back with a new album out May 29th!

After releasing her first EP OnOff with her duo in 2019, Claire Parsons is back with a brand new album called In Geometry, and this time, with four up-and-coming international musicians!

Already chosen by Jazz thing Next Generation to be part of their selection, this new album is the result of Claire’s search for her own musical identity and is inspired by composition techniques that study geometrical forms and their impact on the theoretical and practical world of Music.

Save the date: In Geometry is coming out on May 29th on Challenge Records/Double Moon!

Get a preview of the new album with the single "No Shape," out on May 15th and catch them on October 3rd to hear them play their new songs for the first time live at the Schungfabrik (LU)! 



Claire Parsons, singer (Luxembourg)
Eran Har Even, guitar (Israel)
Jerome Klein, keyboards (France/Luxembourg)
Pol Belardi, bass (Luxembourg)
Niels Engel, drums (Luxembourg)