TUYS signing to Chili Music Korea and Wolx Management

© Shade Cumini

Indie-rock band TUYS have just announced their signing to the South Korean-label Chili Music Korea (NEKO, Paper Lions, Emma Louise) and since good news never comes alone, they also officially signed with Belgium-based Wolx Management!

 “We met Tom Van Dingenen [from Wolx Management] at a show in Gothenburg a few years ago and again at Sonic Visions last November. We decided to work together shortly after and Tom set the objective to take our music to new territories. The release on Chili Music in South Korea is the first exciting step in that direction.” - Tun Biever, guitarist of TUYS

They have already dropped 2 episodes (out of 5) from their conceptual series A Curtain Call For Dreamers. Check them out and stay tuned for the remaining three!

Episode 1:

Episode 2: