Backspin International Sessions features Luxembourg artists and producers

© Tammy Schuh

November last year, renowned German Hip hop media Backspin and Rocklab hosted the International Sessions at Sonic Visions Music Lab & Festival 2019, bringing together producers and MCs from Germany and Luxembourg, aiming to produce an EP during a creative 48-hour marathon.

Backspin was founded in 1994 and is the oldest active hip-hop magazine in Germany. Backspin has successfully made the digital media transition and runs a YouTube Channel with almost 250k followers, boasting 90 Million views.

For the second edition of Backspin International Sessions, Luvre47, Alphamob, Skinnyblackboy and RGB1 exchanged with Luxembourg artists and producers Nicool, Maz, Cehashi and Magestick Records at Rocklab and the Rockhalstudio, writing and producing a bunch of new songs. What came out was an exciting mixture of different styles, languages and origins. The songs were presented live during a showcase at the Agora Stage at Sonic Visions Music Lab & Festival 2019.

Rockhal and Rocklab are pleased to share the outcome of the Backspin International Sessions that were just released on Spotify (links below) and all major streaming platforms on May 1st.

One of the tracks, “Sky’s the Limit,” marks Maz’s first ever major Spotify editorial placement on their playlist “Deutschrap Brandneu” which has amassed over 1.3 Million followers!



The documentary has been released on YouTube and can be watched below.