EJN webinars on how the jazz music industry will face the covid-19 crisis

EJN (the European Jazz Network) announced a series of public online webinars which will be run over the coming month and will deal with various aspects of the covid-19 crisis and its short and long-term effects on the creative music sector and all its stakeholders.

The goal of each webinar is to analyse in depth one aspect of the crisis (national support measures, creativity in isolation, streaming of events, future of festivals and venues, fundraising, etc..), to present new ideas and best practices that have emerged in this period and share them with the wider community, and to be propositive in identifying some possible actions and recommendations.
The webinars will be streamed live on the EJN social media channels (Facebook and Youtube) every Monday and Thursday at 17:00 CEST, and they will also remain available to watch afterwards. 

You don’t need to register beforehand for the webinars, but you can set-up reminders on the social media channels for each of the sessions. You can also interact with the sessions with questions and comments directly on the social media channels.  
EJN Webinars Programme
1) Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
Has my government responded well in supporting artists and the cultural sector through the crisis? Navigating national governments supports: analysis of the national policy measures and presentation of best practices
  • Mario Steidl (International Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Austria)
  • Ikaros van Duppen (inJazz/ Buma Cultuur, The Netherlands)
  • Barbara Canepa (Pro Helvetia, Switzerland)
  • Kim Macari (Artists/JPN Network/ Arts Council, UK)
Moderator: Giambattista Tofoni (EJN)
Date: Monday 18 May 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

2) Alone Together
How do we maintain artistic quality and collaborations in isolation? Creativity and lockdown: a time of reflection and new compositions, artists’ digital monologues, house concerts and shows in venues without an audience.
  • Roy Nathanson (artist, USA)
  • Oddrun Jonsdottir (artist, Norway)
  • Pedro Melo Alves (artist, Portugal)
  • Kenneth Killeen (Improvised Music Company, Ireland)
Moderator: Martel Ollerenshaw (Australian Music Centre, Australia)
Date: Thursday 21 May 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

3) The Day after Tomorrow  
Reset: will and should festivals and venues ever be the same again? Analog concerts’ strategies for a future with covid-19 and possible scenarios for a jazz-led recovery.
Date: Monday 25 May 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

4) How Long Has This Been Going On
Has history taught us anything? An historic overview of the music sector after the big crisis of the past (past pandemics, World War I, the 1929 great depression, World War II, 9/11, 2008 financial crisis). How did the cultural sector react after the big crisis?
Date: Thursday 28 May 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

5) Everything Must Change
Has the crisis actually improved our offer to audiences? The possible digital scenarios post covid-19: live streaming and monetisation, new opportunities for online audience engagement and socialisation.
Date: Monday 01 June 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

6) A House Is Not A Home
Will closed borders mean closed minds? Will less opportunities to travel and perform in other countries lead to new nationalisms and isolation? Most of the streaming initiatives now are with national or local artists and in many European countries radio stations tend to play music from their own country. Where will this lead us to?
Date: Thursday 04 June 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

7) Work Song
How has the crisis affected those working behind the scenes? As the proverb says: “it takes a village to raise a child”, so music performances require more than a performer. Discussion on the impact of the crisis on different actors of the production chain: artists’ managers, labels, agents, technicians and organisers.
Date: Monday 08 June 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST

8) Someone To Watch Over Me - In collaboration with Puglia Sounds
How will our concerts be economically sustainable in a period of global recession? What are the possible scenarios for fundraising and sponsorship in the time of the crisis? Ideas for new business models and cross-sectoral collaborations.
Date: Thursday 11 June 2020
Time: 17.00 CEST