Francesco Tristano to present "Pianorig Sessions" at MUTEK.SF:NEXUS Experience online festival!

Francesco Tristano will represent Luxembourg at the digital gathering space of MUTEK San Francisco called “NEXUS Experience,” co-presented by MUTEK Barcelona.

This virtual festival is set to take place on May 23rd-24th to celebrate world-class experimental electronic music, digital art and film! A mix of local, national, and international talents will be presented, elevating MUTEK.SF’s iconic festival offerings for a global online audience.

On this occasion, Tristano will be presenting “Pianorig Sessions,” a new concept show streamed from UTOPIA126 in Barcelona with full production!

"Pianorig" is an artistic installation: the result of a combination of music synchronized with light, merged with architecture and design, with a minimalistic approach. Not to be missed!

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Tickets are donation-based with 100% of proceeds going directly to the artists and can be reserved now at