Welcome Francis of Delirium: 90's grunge meets Millennial DIY

© Lynn Theisen

Today, it is with great excitement that we present you the latest addition to music:LX: Francis of Delirium!

Uniquely synthesizing grunge and folk to create an evocative and vulnerable experience, Francis of Delirium gently guides the listener to look inward; allowing for a space that encourages growth. With the recent addition of bassist Jeff Hennico, Francis of Delirium delivers a powerful indie rock sound that supports Jana’s high energy vocals and her genuine passion to connect with each member of the audience.

Recently signed by UK-record label Dalliance Recordings, the duo have already released three singles from their forthcoming EP All Change, due out June 26th! One of those singles, “Ashamed,” is out today and earns the top placement on Spotify’s official playlist “Made in Luxembourg”!