Claire Parsons’ new album in the spotlight!

© L.Bass Photography

Since Claire Parsons released her latest album In Geometry on May 29th on Challenge Records/Double Moon, she received plenty of great reviews from the international and local press!

Here’s a selection:

Ich kann dieses Album all jenen empfehlen, die sich nicht nur im orthodoxen Jazz einschließen. Es sind schöne, subtil arrangierte Lieder mit lyrischen Gitarren- und Klaviersoli, die Sie jederzeit bewundern können.” - Jazz-fun (DE)

Bringing a bunch of skilled pros together rather than keeping the focus in a trained beam, this set has mind opening instrumental work that presents a singular notion that shows it's the launching pad of something new, different and worthy.” - Midwest Record (US)

We think that Claire Parsons is one of the 'best bits' in the current musical landscape. A young and  talented composer and musician, who actually delivers unique, mature, crafted and emotional compositions, well performed by a skilled company of musicians. 'In Geometry' sets the bar high! As mentioned before: a love at first listen.” - Prog Jazz (NL)

If you would ask any music group, whether a jazz quartet, pop-rock band or world music ensemble, which singer they would like to have onboard their project, then there is a high chance they will drop the name ‘Claire Parsons’.” - RTL Today (LU)

Darauf zu hören: moderner Jazzsound in Form von neun gefühlvollen Songs, die einerseits von ihrer klaren Stimme getragen werden, sich andererseits durch lange musikalische Passagen auszeichnen.” - Lëtzebuerger Journal (LU)


Watch Claire Parsons’ new video for her single “No Shape”, which just premiered on YouTube: