Sabine Weyer on StageHub: the new platform for online concerts

© Vituc & Martin Teschner

Due to the current crisis and its devastating impact on artists, a new platform has emerged. Let us introduce you to StageHub, an online concert community which aims to bring high-quality performances from top-class musicians to audiences everywhere!

Alongside international artists, Luxembourgish pianist Sabine Weyer has recently joined StageHub with her video “On the lyric side”, a 45-minute program of different chamber music works, available here. Violinist Alena Baeva will also add some exclusive videos very soon!

The website provides a wide range of performances, from live-streams to pre-recorded videos. You simply have to choose the video you want to watch and then buy a ticket to that concert. Before, you can have a short free preview of any concert, and once you’ve paid, you can watch it as many times as you like.

Artists will receive 70% of ticket sales, don’t miss out on your chance to support them!