Rome to release new album “The Lone Furrow”

© Heilemania

Following on from the universal acclaim of his latest LP Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro, ROME will release The Lone Furrow via Trisol Music Group on August 28th, one of the most impressive releases in his prolific career of 15 years!

This new album is the logical culmination of ROME’s previous endeavors, a brilliant and patient demolition of the despiritualized modern age, timeless in its critique of man’s greed and the deliberate desecration of beautiful things.

The Lone Furrow is a mordant, clear-eyed critique of the modern world, spun with the delicacy of a spiderweb; a journey through the ravaged landscapes of history; a spiritual quest weaving a unique poetry of withdrawal from the troubling world into distant retreats. And yet, at the same time, this collection of remarkable compositions is a generous invitation to a great European Tradition of literary thought from Hesse to Nietzsche, from Tacitus to Orwell, from Ovid to the Edda, from Yeats to Baudelaire. 

Reuter, a poet with the soul of a warrior, has managed to assemble an impressive/stellar cast of guest vocalists. Most notably is the guest appearance of Behemoth’s Adam Nergal Darski on the seminal "The Angry Cup", on which Nergal not only performs lead vocals but adds an intriguingly brutal Polish incantation. Further guests are Joseph D. Rowland of US-doom band Pallbearer, J.J. of Austria’s Harakiri for the Sky. 

On The Lone Furrow, ROME weaves a fantastical tale in which gods and men alike ache and tremble, and which reminds us that the world is much larger than our ideas of it, our traditions much deeper than we imagine. Most importantly, ROME refuses the easy answer.