100,7 releases 'Schlofzëmmerbléck' on DSPs - A Snapshot of Luxembourg’s Music Scene in Confinement

When Luxembourg’s public service radio station 100,7 launched Schlofzëmmerbléck (transl. ‘bedroom view’), the idea was to commission a dozen of artists to compose, record and produce their own quarantine song. It was hard to make a representative selection of the acts that would fit on a record but in the end the station invited 13 acts across multiple genres. 100,7 wanted to unite at least some of the artists most talked about in Luxembourg in 2020, and help them create a snapshot of music production in Luxembourg at the time of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The responses were strong, yielding anything from intensely personal material - as in writer/songwriter Claudine Muno’s contrast piece, Maz’s protest track, Them Lights’ and Edsun’s pop chuggers or Bartleby Delicate’s thoughtful ballad - right down to evocative instrumental mood pieces (with a twist) by Ryvage, Napoleon Gold, Pascal Schumacher and Sensu. Some have presented us with an evolution of their sound we have grown to love and cherish, like Francis of Delirium or Autumn Sweater.

The circumstances called for directness and authenticity - with time, materials and encounters in short supply. “Schlofzëmmerbléck” is therefore also a privileged moment of access into the artist’s relationship with her or his own work, a peek into the producer’s bedroom.

The album is out today, August 21st, on all DSPs.

Listen on your preferred platform here!