Switzerland | Pol Belardi’s Force at Ono

© Eric Engel

On October 25th, the jazz quartet Pol Belardi’s Force will be back on stage at Ono in Bern (CH)! 

Presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxembourg in Bern and Ono, this concert is a great opportunity for the local audience to discover Luxembourgish talented jazz musicians.

In 2019, Pol Belardi’s Force released their 4th album, Organic Machines, with the aim to take the listener a step further into an era of technology and machines. The result can be situated somewhere between minimal cinematic soundscapes, modern jazz, alternative rock and electronica.

Concert starts at 20:00!


David Fettmann: alto sax
Jérôme Klein: piano, keys
Niels Engel: drums
Pol Belardi: bass, piano, composition