Francis of Delirium releases new single "Equality Song"

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Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium have released their single “Equality Song,” with the support of Rocklab & the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men. All proceeds will go to local non-profit organization Femmes en Détresse, followed by the release of the music video shot in its entirety at the Rockhal and produced by Skill Lab Creative Studio earlier this year.

In “Equality Song”, singer/songwriter Jana Bahrich questions the “broken system” that has been prevailing and poisoning the lives of women, slowing down the progress of achieving gender equality and expresses the pain and frustration resulting from it.

Sometimes it feels like a fact of life, you’re born, get your period, and you’ll get raped sometime”, Bahrich’s voice cuts in the song. 

At the heart of the song, there’s frustration at the self for being complicit in the system, about society as a collective, deciding day by day not to believe people's stories and to participate in tearing people down when they speak out.

These systems are hindering our change… when you see it every day it all just gets ingrained”. 

There is hope that remains in the song however, a chance to look within ourselves and further forward, share love and compassion and fight for truth.