New collaboration with French magazine Jazz News!

We teamed up with Jazz News magazine (FR), one of the most important jazz magazines in Europe, to highlight some of the greatest jazz musicians in Luxembourg through a compilation sent to over 15,000 subscribers!

This record will feature nine Luxembourgish artists and will be available in the 87th issue of the magazine from the 24th of November 2020 to the 24th of January 2021.

Jazz News aims to give an insight into the exciting European jazz scene, by presenting in-depth articles, new releases, reviews or interviews! This is a great opportunity for French jazz professionals and music lovers to discover what Luxembourg has to offer!

Here’s the full tracklist:

Reis Demuth Wiltgen - Diary of an Unfettered Mind (from the album SLY, out 2021)
Klein - DOWN (SONDER, out 2021)
Greg Lamy - And I Told You (Observe the Silence, out 2021)
Claire Parsons - Nebula (In Geometry)
Pascal Schumacher - Sol (SOL)
Michel Meis 4tet - Lost in Translation (Lost in Translation, out 2021)
Benoit Martiny Band - The World Goes to Shit but Still You Play That Jazz (Moons of Uranus)
Tele-Port - Flight With Only One Wing (Tele-Port)
Pol Belardi’s Force - Gentle Giants (Organic Machines)

Interested by the compilation? Just get the magazine and enjoy!