Scarred's self-titled album is out now! It's their first in eight years.

After 4 years of maniacal work and dedication, Scarred has returned with a new album, the self-titled SCARRED. It is their third LP and the first album featuring their new singer Yann Dalscheid.

The album was recorded by the band themselves and Patrick Damiani (Tidalwave Studio, Karlsruhe (D)), mixed by Patrick Damiani and mastered by Robin Schmidt (24-96 Mastering, Karlsruhe (D)).

SCARRED is inspired by the transformation the band has gone through over the past four years and is by far their most personal work to date, hence the self-title.

Without being a narrative, this opus is constructed as a concept album and can be listened straight through with almost no interruption, with different parts of the album echoing each other much like a Pink Floyd album. It is meant to embark the listener on the same journey the band has traveled, from the initial disaggregation, up and down, to the final liberation.

While this album is still deeply anchored in Death Metal, it contains a lot more melodic and atmospheric, even psychedelic elements than SCARRED’s previous work, taking advantage of the broad range of their new singer.

The album is out now under the banner of KLONOSPHERE / SEASON OF MIST DISTRIBUTION / THE ORCHARD.



"It's not just the usual territories that are producing admirable amounts of forward-thinking heavy music these days. Lots of remarkable things have been emerging through France's excellent KLONOSPHERE imprint, as founded and perpetuated by members of French prog crew KLONE, over the last few years, and Luxembourg's SCARRED may be the finest among them." Blabbermouth

"["Mirage"] is fast, technical, huge, hooky, and corrosive, like a truck from Mad Max spewing flames and battery acid. If you dig bands like Machine Head, Revocation, and Sylosis, you’re gonna love Scarred." - MetalSucks (Premiere)

"After nearly eight years away Scarred are back with a self-titled album that will both astound and thrill you. With a new singer, Yann Dalscheid aboard they have broadened their range and his vocals complement their sound superbly." — Rock n' Load Magazine