Alex Uhlmann Searches for a Sense of Home in "Paris or Rome"

"Paris or Rome" is the new single from Alex Uhlmann, part of his 6-song EP, Home, which will be released in May 2021. After numerous bands and collaborations (including Planet Funk and David Morales) Uhlmann's new project represents the beginning of his solo career. Musically and conceptually, "Paris or Rome" captures exactly what Uhlmann is about today and perhaps who he has always been : 

"It's a very personal song. I actually wrote it when I was looking for the next place to live... I have always been searching for a place where I could feel at home. But in the end, this constant journey turned out to be one of self-discovery; I came to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter which city you live in or where you are from, what matters is what you do in order to be happy."

"I feel one hundred per cent European." — Alex Uhlmann has left his mark across Europe; gold and platinum records in Italy, music awards in the UK, and important recognitions for his restaurants in Berlin. He DJs occasionally for AC Milan and is currently the musical director of The Voice. 

After having lived in London, Paris, Bologna, Berlin and Milan and several band project and collaborations, he can confidently claim to have seen and experience quite a lot. Throughout his European journey, he has not only been able to develop his skills further, but has also left notable footprints with his music, established himself further as a songwriter, singer, producer, and DJ — an now as a solo artist.