Cathy Krier to represent Luxembourg on ARTE

(c) Delphine Jouandou; Daniel Waldhecker

While most of the cultural life is forced to stay in lockdown for way too long, ARTE and the violinist Daniel Hope recently created Europe@Home, a new concert series to celebrate the music and musicians of Europe. With this platform, they aim to encourage artists and audiences in difficult times. For 27 evenings over the course of nine weeks, the star violinist and winner of the European Cultural Prize opens the door to his living room for guests from all corners of Europe to make music together and display the cultural diversity of our continent.

From Luxembourg, Daniel Hope has invited pianist Cathy Krier to play with him selected compositions from her homeland and to reveal some characteristics of the Grand Duchy’s music. Among others, she selected compositions by Catherine Kontz, Alexander Müllenbach and Jules Krüger. The live stream of the Luxembourg episode will be available on Arte Concert on March 7th at 7 pm, and subsequently in replay here!

Discover all the episodes here:

The new series is part of the campaign #WirBleibenOffen - WeStayOpen, which ARTE launched 2020 in the course of the lockdown together with various cultural and media partners. Already last year, Daniel Hope’s different programmes on ARTE Concert with more than 200 artists reached more than four million views from all over the world.