State of Luxembourg's Pop / Rock / Electro / Hip-Hop sector presented at the 2021 Assises Sectorielles

The 2021 Assises Sectorielles took place on Saturday, March 6 at the Rockhal, bringing together the core music industry from the Pop / Rock / Electro / Hip-Hop sector of Luxembourg in a socially distanced setting.  Members of the sector met to discuss the current state of Luxembourg's music scene, what infrastructure currently exists for artists, while also opening up the exchange to ways in which the industry could be improved. The Assises took place in front of a full room (68 people) and were followed via live-streaming by over 300 people.

In her opening statement, Minister Sam Tanson underlined the importance of this exchange:

"The last year has put the whole sector to the test. It is up to us today to define the paths to be taken in the future. This meeting should serve as a starting point and help us to examine the current situation within the sector in-depth, to build on our findings and also to determine the role that the Ministry of Culture should play in this process."

The full presentation along with more information is available via the video on demand on the website of the Ministry of Culture (in Luxembourgish). Watch here.

We here at music:LX, now part of Kultur | lx, have also heard the message from the local industry and are excited to continue building new initiatives to help improve the sector!


The program was as follows:

10h00 Introduction

Moderation : Yves Stephany, radio 100,7
Welcome Words: Sam Tanson, Ministry of Culture

10h15 Presentation : Current State of the Pop/Rock/Electro Sector
by Aurélie Colling

11h00 Round Table #1: The Rock/Pop/Electro/Hip-Hop sector in Luxembourg - "A rather unique model?"

- Tun Biever, Artist & Founder (Two Steps Twice)
- Priscila Da Costa, Musician
- Tom Gatti, Producer / Sound Engineer / Musician (Unison Studios)
- Luka Heindrichs, Venue and Festival Manager
- Damiano Picci, Producer / Strategy (Foqus)

11h45 Round Table #2 - "A developing Sector?"

- Stéphanie Baustert, Manager
- David Galassi, Artist/ Booker / Artists Manager (De La?bbel / Konektis Entertainment Booking)
- Sacha Hanlet, Musician / Producer (Them Lights / Schalltot Collective asbl)
- Bob Konsbruck, Editor at RTL Radio
- Vicky Zeimetz, Booker at A-Promotion (den Atelier)

12h30 Closing Statement
by Sam Tanson, Ministry of Culture