Announcing new releases : MICHEL MEIS 4tet and KLEIN

The Michel Meis 4tet will release its second album on 28 May, featuring the talented french violinist Théo Ceccaldi! 
A concert release will take place on 13 May, during the great Like A Jazz Machine Festival, one of the main international jazz festival in Luxembourg. 
"The new opus, called Kaboom is a real sound deflagration! Oscillating between the muscular sound of a Big Band, where Alisa Klein's powerful trombone stands out, and the smoky piano-bar ambiences where Cédric Hanriot's catchy keyboard melodies and Stephan Goldbach's elegant double bass hover, the band continues the work started with its first album, offering music that is at the same time complex, playful, dancing and melancholic. In addition to his usual acolytes, Michel Meis has surrounded himself with the violinist Theo Ceccaldi for an album with a long breath, whose discovery is similar to a crossing of genres, tonalities and atmospheres. From State of Uncertainty, written during the first confinement, to the final Re:build, the album reproduces the uncertainties of the world in which we live - but also the possible construction of a better tomorrow."
As a first treat, enjoy the track Re:Build recorded live for the SHUFFLE festival
Line Up: 
Alisa Klein: trombone
Cédric Hanriot: piano
Stephan Goldbach: double bass
Michel Meis: drums 
Feat. Théo Ceccaldi: violin

Klein will be back with a new EP in June, prior to the full album release in October 2021, under de record label Cristal Records (FR). 
Despite the lack of live music, the band managed to find new gigs in the Netherlands and Denmark for the Summer, and they will join the line-up of Iceland Airwaves festival (IS) and Vision in Musica festival (IT) in the Fall!
As a first bite, please enjoy the new music video of their single Into the woods
And their exclusive single Catharsis recorded live for the SHUFFLE festival
"In his latest project, KLEIN works with a veritable array of contrasts in a minimalist setting, slipping into a misty mood of melancholy and dark tones. In this almost pure setting, his music surprises with loud shards of sound, explosions of energy and even frenetic ecstasy when the musicians let their passion take over. Klein pledged to keep this live performance a surprise."
Jérôme Klein - Piano & Synths
Pol Belardi - Vibraphone & Bass
Niels Engel - Drums
Charles Stoltz - Sound Design