Bartleby Delicate releases new EP, Deadly Sadly Whatever, via Listenrecords

Georges Goerens aka Bartleby Delicate navigates the currents of contemporary folk and loop-based electronics with impressive ease - and a sound playing in a field of its own. On his debut EP, "Deadly Sadly Whatever", released Friday, May 14 on the Berlin-based indie label Listenrecords, Bartleby merges the polyphonic expanse of his voice with subtle arpeggios, melancholic piano chords, and field recordings. 

Bartleby Delicate dedicates his lyrics to his generation - the Millennial generation. In the process of creating the songs on "Deadly Sadly Whatever", for example, the phantom pain and contradictions that he and his peers have had to endure and work through played a major role for Goerens: How can I express myself artistically as a white cis male without taking away space from other, disadvantaged groups? What entitles me to speak and be heard, and how do I deal with my own privilege in a reflective way?

The EP was created in the first lockdown, in the spring of 2020. Out of necessity, Goerens recorded all the instruments and sounds alone in his apartment and the environment in a walking radius. The EP was produced in an exclusively digital exchange with producer friend Napoleon Gold from Luxembourg (based in Brussels), for mixing the songs he worked with producer John Foyle (Ibeyi, Sampha, FKA Twigs) in London. The EP was mastered by Thomas Harsem (Intergalactic Lovers, Faces on TV) in Sweden. A European approach that does justice to Bartleby Delicate's sound in its internationality. “Deadly Sadly Whatever” will be out on Vinyl, CD and digital Friday, May 14!

Live 2021 (tbc. According to COVID measures)
13/05/21   UK – The Great Escape (Online)
18/05/21   DE – Dortmund, FZW
19/05/21   DE – Stuttgart, Cafe Galao
20/05/21   DE – Hannover, Lindwurm Linden
21/05/21   DE – Kiel, Hansa 48
22/05/21   DE – Hamburg, Astra Stube
27/05/21   DE – Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
28/05/21   DE – Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
29/05/21   DE – Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben



“Bartleby Delicate is the epitome of a soulful one-man folk-band, creating sounds that we are only used to hear from José Gonzáles or Bon Iver”  — Diffus 

“Truly hypnotic and a sight to behold”  — Everything is Noise 

“A diverse sound and unique music pieces. In any case, far away from being another stereotype”

“It’s always nice to hear Bartleby Delicate but watching him surrounded by all his crazy machines and instruments is magical” — Beehype 

“An impressive work of art that takes us from everyday life into another world” — Der Kultur Blog

“Uncompromisingly intimate folk that is not afraid to tell personal stories and that impresses with elegance thanks to delicate, almost fragile arrangements” — Berlin 030