In short: latest videoclips and singles

October 11th, Cherokee has released a new track featuring Goto. With a great groove and a melancholy touch on the vocals, End of Summer depicts accurately how we feel when summer ends. Have a listen  here 

October 17th, Edsun has released his new videoclip for Apologee. A mix of poetry, contemporary dance, and carnal pleasure is waiting for you • here 

October 18th, the video for the song Paprika from no metal in this battle has been released. Here is what the French media indiemusic had to say about it: 'A "film noir" whose visual and sound perfection remains timeless; No metal in this battle's Paprika is intriguing, mastered and addictive.' Don’t wait any longer and have a look • here •

October 26th, Seed To Tree released their new videoclip for the song Unconcerned. A journey through the band good memories to discover  here