Zikamine & music:LX join forces!

22 mai 2015
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Zikamine and music:LX are teaming up to help out up and coming bands from Lorraine (France) and Luxembourg, through a series of promotional events and a springboard festi...... Show all

ROME, the World Tour Continues

21 mai 2015
 MG 0633-klein

In the context of their 10-year-anniversary World Tour, the dark folk singer/band ROME will be touring around the world during one year.... Show all

Wednesdays At Mudam

05 mai 2015

During the month of May, the "Wednesdays at Mudam" are dedicated to Luxembourg’s prosperous musical scene. Indeed, MUDAM is giving carte blanche to music:LX to present a varie... Show all

Third album for Mutiny On The Bounty!

04 mai 2015
Mutiny Tropical Digits

The math-rock quartet Mutiny on the Bounty will release their new alb... Show all