Showcase support


Similar to music:LX's Tour Support, the Showcase Support has been created to help export-ready artists and their teams to promote and develop their careers by specifically targeting professionals in various key markets abroad.

In consideration of each application, music:LX will evaluate how each applicant's showcase will play into their overall career development and the market potential where the event will take place.  Showcases that take place in established venues/festivals and that are members of recognized professional networks are preferred.  Examples of notable showcase festivals we favour include Eurosonic, Reeperbahn Festival, The Great Escape, SXSW, and/or any member of the INES network

This initiative is available to all three levels of artists as detailed below, however applications with a strong artist development plan will be favoured.

Applicants for the Showcase Support are eligible to receive up to 100% of their total eligible costs (transportation & accommodation) in case of an unpaid event.

Eligible costs:

  • International transportation (Flights, Train, Van/Car-Rental, Gas, and Tolls - Economy class-only)
  • Accommodation
  • Visas
  • PR and digital marketing services

Ineligible costs:

  • Hired musicians and crew fees
  • Recording/Production costs ( Manufacturing, Rehearsing space, Equipment, Studio time)
  • Promotional CDs, Vinyl press, merch
  • Print (Flyers, posters…)
  • Gear costs
  • Hired photographers, graphic designer
  • Video Production
  • Per Diems and meals

Who can apply?

music:LX’s support is open only to artists:

  • with a Luxembourgish citizenship,
  • and/or that have a residency in Luxembourg,
  • and/or that are firmly anchored in the local music scene. 

Applicants may be the artists themselves or a local/international entourage working with an act represented by music:LX. The three categories of support eligible for Showcase Support are :

  • Established artists
  • Breakthrough artists
  • Emerging artists


When should you submit your project?

Any initial requests for showcasing should be sent a minimum of two months in advance of the project start. We’ve set this deadline in order to ensure a proper strategy and lead-time is in place for important activities like securing the venue, inviting professionals, and marketing the event. Should you not inform us before the two-month deadline, music:LX reserves the right to decline any initial request for funding or support.

For exceptions to this rule, please email your respective project manager for approval:

Laura Varache for the jazz/world department
Zach Glavan for the pop/rock/electro/R&B/Hip Hop department
Stephanie Schulze for the classical/contemporary department


How should you send in your initial application?

Fill in the initial application form here. In this form, you will be asked to write about your career development plan, a description of the showcase, as well as a detailed budget. Every application for support should be approached thoughtfully. Please review the descriptions of each of the core documents required for the application below.  

THE NAME OF THE BAND / ARTIST : Including bio, assets, links, contacts, etc.

YOUR PROFESIONNAL PARTNERS : Management, Label, Booking, Publisher, etc.

EVENT DESCRIPTION : Include the date, venue/festival, city, and country. Have you performed in this market, venue or showcase festival before? Describe the event and why you’re going there/doing it.

WHO ARE YOU TARGETING? : Provide a list and detailed description of the companies/professionals you plan to meet and invite.

TIMELINE : Provide a detailed timeline for the rollout of the project in question. Is this in support of an album or single? How far in advance of the activity will the planning and setup take place?

GLOBAL BUDGET ESTIMATION : Estimate how much you’ll spend on this showcase initiative. Include all spends, regardless of whether you hope to subsidise them with music:LX. Any initial applications for funding must also declare other public funding received or expected to be received toward the same project (including music:LX, FOCUNA, Ministry of Culture, Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and Royalties).  Spreadsheet is preferred.

Download the Global Budget Template!


Conditions for Funding.  What are the next steps?

Your application will be analyzed by music:LX as soon as possible to determine the relevance and feasibility of the project, whether or not to support, and if so, the amount awarded.

Once your application has been approved, you must compile and organise all invoices and receipts incurred throughout the duration of the tour as a condition of funding.  No costs will be counted without proof of receipt and generally, eligible costs must be incurred after the application has been submitted.

music:LX reserves the right to remove any ineligible expenses from your final cost report. The final amount granted may be reduced in the event of any changes from the initial budget and only after the final refund request has been analyzed.

It is mandatory to include the music:LX logo and acknowledgement on each communication and marketing medium used to promote the project as well as any material sent to the press.

Moreover, if any other request for subsidy or grants is already made or granted (Ministry of Culture, FOCUNA, private sponsors or other institutions) it is mandatory to mention it to music:LX in your Global Budget Estimation.