What do we support?

  • Participation in showcases abroad: either individually or as part of festivals and conferences
  • Promotional expenses (PR, Radio Promotion, Playlist Plugging, etc.) resulting from an album release on a record label outside Luxembourg and/or via an international distributor

  • Marketing & Advertising for an export-ready product (community management services, social media campaigns, print ads, radio ads, Google/YouTube ads, banners, trade publications, etc)

  • Touring abroad: we require a minimum of three (3) dates in a row outside the Greater Region. Single concerts are usually not supported however an exception can be made if the venue has a certain importance and is a member of a recognized professional network. The concert should fundamentally be useful in the artist's career development.


Who do we support/Are you export ready?

The main goal of music:LX is to promote and develop the careers of Luxembourgish artists in different territories abroad. We help artists carve a path towards success by taking into account the market potential of the various territories. music:LX’s support is in fact determined by the level of development of the artist and their establishment in the targeted territories.

The Board of Administration of music:LX have categorized three types of artists based on their development and their international potential. The support will be proportional to the level of the artist’s development and professionalization.

To fit into a category, the artist must meet most of the criteria below.

First of all, music:LX's support is only open to artists :

  • with a Luxembourgish citizenship
  • and/or that have a residency in Luxembourg, 
  • and/or that are firmly anchored in the local music scene. 
  1. Established artists within several territories

The artist must:

  • have a professional team in the targeted territories : manager, label, agent etc... 

  • provide a detailed report of concert dates and record sales

  • play shows with standard market fees

  • play in important venues or festivals

  • have media impact

  • generate revenue and provide a detailed financial report

  • have a communication strategy and efficient tools

This category of artist is likely to receive prioritized and increased support in particular if they want to develop new territories and/or projects. The support will be defined during the annual strategic meeting with music:LX.


  1. Breakthrough artists

The artist must:

  • be identified by the Luxembourgish cultural institutions
  • spark the interest of foreign professional partners of music:LX

  • have started professional guidance, coaching and/or a professional entourage

  • have regular activity in several territories (concerts, media visibility, album releases...)

  • have defined objectives and a career plan to present to music:LX

  • have good communication tools (press kit, technical rider, quality visuals, web presence) and quality audio and video materials

This category of artist is likely to receive support in particular if they want to develop new territories and/or projects. The support will be defined during the annual strategic meeting with music:LX.


  1. Emerging artists

The artist must:

  • be identified by the Luxembourgish cultural institutions. Note: for pop/rock/electro/R&B/hip-hop artists, working with the Rocklab is a plus.
  • have export potential (original and quality music, image and live performances)

  • have a communication strategy around the artist and up-to-date communication tools (bio, EPK, quality visuals, technical rider)

  • have basic knowledge of the music industry

This category of artist is likely to receive support and consultancy from music:LX for their first steps in their career development in one or two neighbouring countries.


What are the eligible expenses supported by music:LX?

  • Transport costs
  • Accommodation

  • PR expenses

  • Marketing, Promotion & Advertising expenses for an export-ready product

  • Agent, communication and marketing services

  • Ads

The costs below are ineligible for any campaign:

  • Recording/Production costs (manufacturing, rehearsing space, equipment, studio time)
  • Print (flyers, posters...)
  • Promotional CDs / CD, Vinyl press

  • Merch

  • Gear costs

  • Hired musicians and crew fees

  • Hired photographers, graphic designer

  • Marketing subscriptions (Chartmetric, Linkfire,, Soundcharts, etc)

  • Video Production

  • Per Diems and meals 


  • when travelling with a private vehicle, it’s not possible to ask for a kilometric allowance or flat-rate, music:LX only covers the cost of gas on receipt and tolls eventually: so keep your bills!

  • the support is not meant to cover the full costs of a project nor to pay artist fees, it is a partial refund of the eligible expenses related to the project. A financial participation of the artist, label, booking agency etc. is requested.


Moreover, if any other request for subsidy or grants is already made or granted (Ministry of Culture, FOCUNA, private sponsors or other institutions) it is mandatory to mention it.


music:LX also has a van that artists can borrow. When travelling with our van, the artists have to pay for the fuel costs. Please contact us at if you want more information or to book the van.